Training & Development


Working in Education for 15 years as  a teacher and mental health specialist I have been involved in many projects that I have designed and delivered. Working in groups and one to one with students teaching resilience skills, mindfulness, exam confidence and positive behaviour strategies. Delivering staff wellbeing workshops and training in managing stress, working effectively in teams, communication, motivation and achievement.  I can deliver bespoke training to suit the needs of your organisation that best fits with your values, mission and purpose enabling students and staff to be the best that they can be.

Personal Development and Coaching

Within organisations and Education staff can benefit from coaching to help them identify their goals and ‘why’ for doing their job. If staff members are demotivated, lethargic or struggling to find a sense of purpose then coaching can help them to realign what is important to them, increase confidence, help them to move in a direction that keeps them motivated and increase job satisfaction.  The impact of this is often that staff are happier, less stressed, perform better and work more effectively with others. Developing leadership skills and autonomy can encourage a team that works collaboratively and effectively to meet the values and  outcomes of the organisation.


The introduction session or the full mindfulness based stress reduction course can help any individual to learn practices in reducing stress, improving focus and concentration, reduce anxiety and worry, increase a sense of calm and wellbeing. Mindfulness can be delivered to groups of people who have a shared interest in increasing their happiness and wellbeing.

NLP Introduction or Foundation Diploma

NLP is like a user’s manual for the brain helping people to understand their mind, improve relationships and communication, develop self-awareness and gain insight into how ‘we’ and ‘others’ tick. It is a very effective form of Psychology, based on the study of people who naturally do things well.  It offers practical and powerful approaches that are useful both personally and professionally in managing challenges, enhancing performance, increasing motivation and gaining more control of thinking, feeling and behaviour patterns.