Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy and Change work

Why come to see me?


As a UKCP registered Hypno-Psychotherapist and Life coach  I am committed to continuous professional development which means I am able to offer clients a professional service that is ethical, safe and effective. I keep up with the latest findings in my field and attend monthly supervision to reflect on my practice.

I have 17 years experience of providing therapy to clients who want to change. I care deeply about helping people to find ways of being happier in their life and choosing thoughts, feelings and behaviours that support them to do this. My belief is to have a collaborative experience where I facilitate techniques from Psychotherapy, Hynotherapy and coaching to empower the client in their process of change and development. I operate from a place of believing that everyone already has the ‘power within’ and with guidance they can access this and improve their lives.

What is Psychotherapy and Hypnosis?

Psychotherapy and Hypnosis can help to ‘re-program’ patterns of thinking, feeling and behaviour in the mind so that fears, phobias and unwanted behaviours can be overcome. During hypnosis you enter an altered state of consciousness where lasting seeds of change can be sown.  You are still fully aware of your surroundings and in control of the situation. Your motivation to want to change the behaviour is key to the success of hypnosis. Psychotherapy can help you release emotional pain from the past which may be impacting your ability to live happily in the present and plan for a positive future.

Psychotherapy and Hypnosis can help with;

Compulsive behaviours and thoughts, confidence and performance, public speaking, stopping smoking, goal setting, panic and anxiety, relaxation and stress management, pain management, overcoming fears and much more. Moving forwards from trauma, challenges and difficult experiences.

What is Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Coaching?

NLP is a powerful methodology and understanding of how we make sense of the world around us. NLP helps us make sense of our thinking, feeling and behaviour in a way that allows for more choice and control in our lives. Also known as the study of excellence, NLP is filled with techniques and tools that allow you to manage your state, get clearer about what you want in life and connect to others in a much clearer way that allows for collaboration and cooperation.

NLP can help you to;

Understand and manage your own state of mind, access positive states at will when you need to perform at your best, feel confident and calmer, understand how you and others tick to improve communication and relationships, set goals or realign your values and purpose in life, improve motivation, identify your true calling in life,  improve positive thinking and create a positive future.

What does it involve?

Sessions are charged at £50 per hour and there are no minimum amount to commit to.

Sometimes change can happen much more quickly than we might think, and sometimes it might take a little longer.

Contact me now and we can talk about the process and what it involves and you can see where you’d like to go from there. Get in touch today. You’ll be glad you did.